Process Service

Our expert’s process servers are registered & bonded with many years of experience.  Do Today Legal Services provides processing serving to all cities, rather it be here locally, statewide or nationwide and even beyond in some cases. We offer unlimited attempts on all services at no extra charge.
*Rush services are attempted the same day received and everyday thereafter until the assignment is completed or canceled by your office. *Non rush services are attempted within 72 hours of receipt and every 48-72 hours thereafter until completed or canceled. Proofs will be provided once services have been completed.

Do Today Legal Services makes it easy.
1. Simply complete the instruction form.
2. Choose 1 of 3 ways for Do Today to receive your assignment.

A. Call for pick up 213-703-5900
C. Fax: 310-645-2901

Our trained staff will prepare your documents for you, i. e. correct number of copies necessary, stamps, jurisdiction requirements, etc.
You will receive confirmation of receipt on all PDF and FAX assignment.. We will notify you again once your service is complete.
On all assignments should any questions or problems arise Do Today will contact you immediately.

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